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Gorham Recreation Staff

Department Staff
Office Coordinator/ Programmer
Gail Platts, M.S. Adult and Higher Ed

Camps and Child Care Director
Julio Santiago C.P.R.P

Facilities Maintenance Manager/Programmer

Recreation Programmer

Director of Recreation Programs
Ben Marshall

Recreation Department Director
Cindy Hazelton, C.P.R.P.

Staff Details

Program Director: Youth & adult sports and activities
Ben Marshall
Ph: 207-222-1633

Brian Pecchia
Ph: 207-222-1379

Cindy Hazelton, C.P.R.P.
Ph: 222-1634
75 South Street
Cindy came to the Gorham Recreation Department in 1991. The Town of Gorham has grown in population considerably since then but the very basic foundation of Community Recreation has not changed. Our Department tag line is "All ages. All seasons." From Kiddie Gym to youth sports to summer day camps to Senior fitness classes to trips and tours for adults and families, Gorham Recreation Department has something for everyone. We hold true to our roots in our philosophy of "more kids playing, not the same kids playing more" at Gorham Rec.
Office Coordinator/Programmer
Gail Platts, M.S. Adult & Higher Ed
Ph: 222-1635
75 South St Suite One
Gail is Office Coordinator and Programmer here at Gorham Recreation. She teaches our Counselor in Training program, Babysitter Training, Red Cross First Aid and leads many of our adult enrichment programs.
Director of Child Care Programs and Summer Camps
Julio Santiago C.P.R.P
Ph: 222-1632
75 South St, Suite 1