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Mystery on the Claire Drew Trail

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Solve the Mystery on the Claire Drew Trail


Have you ever played the game “Clue”, participated in an escape room, or gone letterbox hunting? This mystery game combines some of the best of all three of these awesome activities! Remember, this is a game, no real crime has been committed. 

The case: 
The National Bank of Gorham, Maine was robbed of $1,000,000. All of the evidence about the crime was stolen and hidden along the Claire Drew Trail, hoping that no authority would find the remains if divided up. In order to solve the case, the authorities need the evidence and details of the crime. Can you help them locate all of the information needed to find out who robbed the bank and who was innocent? The only piece of evidence left behind was a clue to the first box of evidence. Whoever robbed the bank accidentally left it behind in case they needed to get the evidence later on to move it all. However, these clues were meant to be tricky and might even be misleading, so read carefully. 

The game: 
You and your team are the detectives on the case. Remember all of the evidence about the case, including details and key information, was stolen and hidden along the Claire Drew Trail. It is your responsibility to find all of the evidence and piece together what really happened in the bank that day and who has the stolen money. 

How to play: 
You will start by using the first clue. This clue will help you locate the first hidden box which will have key information needed to solve the mystery as well as information to the next box. You will need to collect all of the information in order to solve the mystery. 

Clue #1:
Begin at the Claire Drew Trail, located in the woods behind Narragansett School.
The alphabet accompanies you along the way starting with the letter A
A broken tree lays close by
The robber left a clue nearby

Good luck solving the mystery! Bring your family and friends for help and remember to always put back the boxes where you found them, so others can also solve this mystery

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